Under the pillar of ‘Waste’ Bimeda sites commit to proactively looking ‘ for opportunities to implement sustainable practices for the management of waste, including recycling, re-using and repurposing waste.’

The team at the Bimeda Anglesey site in the UK take this commitment very seriously and identified an opportunity to repurpose unused plastic containers which were surplus to requirements, following on from the discontinuation of a product.

The team believed that these containers could be useful for a local bakery where they could be used for various mixing processes and storage purposes. The site’s Sustainability Champion contacted a local bakery to ask if the tubs could be of use. The bakery was thrilled to receive the donation of several pallets of plastic containers. These robust containers are re-usable and can be re-used by the bakery’s customers for other purposes.

women holding repurposed container
container being repurposed
inside a bakery