plastic waste being shipped for recycling

The Bimeda Le Sueur team take their commitment to the responsible management of waste very seriously and have identified and implemented an innovative way to repurpose cardboard and plastic waste.

As shown in the below photos, when deliveries of bottles are received into Le Sueur on pallets, the bottles are held in place via cardboard and plastic film.

Le Sueur employees identified that both the cardboard and plastic could be repurposed, rather then being disposed of.

The cardboard is now used to form the required protective base layer, which sits between a pallet and Bimeda product, for outbound product deliveries.

Plastic is used to create plastic community benches.

In 2023, of 7,771 lbs plastic film was recycled in this way and 11,648 lbs of cardboard was repurposed into 8320 cardboard pads.

Furthermore, the team ensure that empty metal drums are also recycled. In 2023, 1,564 55-lb metal drums were recycled, which equates to 51,377 lbs of metal.

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metal drums ready for recyclingMetal Drums sent for recycling
usa waste 2024 04Plastic waste being sent for recycling into benches
chair made from recycled plasticsType of chair created using recycled plastic