Over the course of a year, a cross-functional team based in Ireland and the UK came together to build a plan to reduce the amount of packaging which was used for many Bimeda products.

At our Dublin manufacturing site, we manufacture a broad range of parasite management products which are filled into bottles and then packed into cartons, as seen in the examples below.

The branded cartons are made of cardboard and can be recycled. However, the Bimeda team is committed to continuous improvement and wanted to investigate whether there was a way to further reduce the amount of packaging used. The group agreed that removing the cartons entirely could be a great option.

project oak carton

Following on from photo-sensitivity testing which confirmed that the products’ stability would not be impacted by the removal of the cartons, the team put a plan in place to phase out product cartons.

In Q1 2022 Bimeda commenced supplying 11 different product presentations to EU markets, without branded outer cartons. On an annual basis, this equates to the removal of over 25,000 pieces of packaging from our product supply.

On an ongoing basis the team will continue to investigate opportunities to further reduce packaging and packaging waste.

The project required the efforts of members of many different Bimeda individuals and teams, and was made possible due to our culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.