The Bimeda Mexico team recently embarked on a project to identify ways of increasing the sustainability of the practices in their warehouse facility.

One area identified for improvement related to the packing materials used for shipments. While packing materials are necessary to protect products in transit, the team identified that the packing ‘peanuts’ being used were not biodegradable. Following on from an investigation into appropriate alternatives, the group selected a new, biodegradable material which provided the same protection to products in transit. This has now replaced all non-biodegradable packing ‘peanuts’ used in the facility.

In addition to this initiative, Bimeda Mexico warehouse employees identified that over 70kg of plastic and cardboard waste per month was not being disposed of in an optimum way. An employee carried out research into other options and identified a local service provider who could collect and recycle these materials. The surplus cardboard and plastic is now sent for recycling, with over 800kg of waste per year now diverted from landfill.

Under our sustainability pillar of ‘waste’ Bimeda commits, ‘proactively looking for opportunities to implement sustainable practices for the management of waste, including recycling, re-using and repurposing waste.’

These initiatives are great examples of a Bimeda team proactively looking for ways to deliver on this commitment in Mexico.