aerial view of bimeda building in Shijiazhuang, China
Location of underground rainwater pool

When commercializing Bimeda’s newest manufacturing facility in Shijiazhuang, China, the team were keen to ensure that a responsible and sustainable approach to water usage was implemented for maintaining the green lawns and trees on the site.

Increasingly, it is being recognised that employee access to either view or visit green spaces containing lawns, trees, shrubs and flowering plants can have an important positive impact on employee wellbeing levels1, and the Shijiazhuang site was developed to include spacious green areas. However, maintaining green spaces requires large volumes of water and the Bimeda team was committed to developing a solution which would allow for the maintenance of these important green areas in a sustainable and responsible way. Consequently the team implemented a system of watering and irrigation which uses collected rainwater. Through this system, Bimeda maintains attractive green spaces for our employees to enjoy, while saving an estimated 20,000 tons of water annually.


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