Under our pillar of Community, Bimeda commits to seeking, ‘opportunities to contribute to the wellbeing of people, animals and the environment in the communities where Bimeda operates.’

As part of this commitment, the Bimeda Ireland commercial team were pleased to take time out of their week to lend support to the St Joseph's Horse & Pony Club in Dublin.

St Joseph's Horse & Pony Club is a community development project based in Finglas in West Dublin, Ireland. The aims of the club are:

  1. Provide affordable stables for horse owners in the community,
  2. Run educational courses for children and adults on animal handling and welfare, and
  3. Provide a fun space for children to work and handle their horses & ponies.

The Bimeda team were happy to have the opportunity provide Bimeda horse wormers, which allowed a worming clinic to take place. Local veterinary clinic and Bimeda customer, Highfield Vets of Kildare, kindly provided a veterinarian to administer the wormers and to provide a health check to the horses. Circa 50 horses were seen on the day. Rebecca Langrell was the vet on site, assisted by committee members Natalie & Colm Kiernan, and Nicole.

Pony Club Photo 2
Pony Club Photo 2
Pony Club Photo 4